Monday, November 5, 2012

Want to be on camera?

One of the thing that comes up  every once in a while with bloggers is this idea of being an expert in their field and talking to the media about their specific topic of expertise. I often see people on T.V or hear them on the radio and just cringe. There is something to be said for a little bit of media training or coaching. I think there are  a few things to keep in mind before you open your mouth to speak.

1. K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple Stupid.
*don't get too complicated.
*remember you need to talk to a wider audience that might not know anything about you, your product or service.
* if you keep it conversational then you will ensure you are telling your story in a way everyone will understand

2. Slow Down:
*this is something that seems easy but can actually be very difficult to do when the camera or microphone is right in your face.
*many people have a tendency to speed up when the talk to the media, so pace yourself.
*prepare for your media spot by jotting down a few key points on some cue cards you can review before you get on set and that way you will have a guideline for the discussion in your mind. This step will help you pace yourself and keep the nerves at a minimum because you KNOW what you want to say.

3: Think Before You Speak:
*those cue cards will help you here too! Think about what you are going to say, often times people ramble when they are in the spot light. If you just take a second or two to think before you answer a question you are more likely to say what you want to say.
*Be prepared.

4: Be Yourself:
*this is the best way to come across as a genuine expert.

5: Relax:
*don't get too stressed out ( O.K. easier said than done sometimes)
*enjoy the spot light.
*you are in the chair because the person interviewing you ( or the show)  feels that you have something valuable to say so go with it!