Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who I am ....

I hope through this little piece of the Internet to show you who I am, the work I do and industry that I work in.

I have been in broadcast media for about 15 years. I first started at a little multicultural station here in Toronto called CFMT, currently known as OMNI. I was able to really get my feet wet with the crew at CFMT. They let me learn, grow and make lots of mistakes. It is also where I met someone who would become a great friend and mentor. He was (and still is) a great writer and was kind enough to teach me what he knew and that is a very special thing in this business. Often times people are afraid to show newbies the robes, afraid to teach someone what they know, afraid to share their lessons, tips, tricks and advice with the new kid on the block but my friend Terry Auciello took me under his wing and helped me become the journalist I am today.

After CFMT I moved up the ladder, landing a job at CityTV in the newsroom. I was hired as an assignment editor and I was more than a little thrilled. It was the newsroom to be in. It was full of great talent, people who were skilled, smart, edgy and talented (yes, I know I said it twice but I wanted you to know how I feel about the folks down in that newsroom). CityNews was a leader, was a trailblazer and was copied but never duplicated. I was able to learn a lot from the folks there and I was able to move up quickly. Soon I found myself on the writing desk, writing news copy for CP24, the all news channel, and then CityNews at 6 and 11. Before long I was producing news on CP24 and then I became the news producer for the weekend CityNews at 11.

I worked with some fantastic people in that newsroom, meeting some people who will be friends for life but it couldn't last forever and before long I was off having babies. I left the news business to have a family. I was away from the newsroom for nearly three years. I returned to broadcast news and found myself working in radio, a foreign beast for me. Not long after my short stint in radio news I landed a gig at CBC, working in the Newsworld newsroom ( now known as News Network) on the morning show. Getting up at 2:15 a.m to be at work for 3:15 a.m. can kill brain cells if you do it for too long and so that was a short gig. I lasted a year before I realized I was turning into a zombie so I returned to radio news, becoming the evening show editor at 680News, Toronto's all news radio station - the number one radio station in the country. And that is where you will find me five nights a week....listen closely and you will even hear my name every so often!

I hope that in the space I can talk about my work, about the work of my broadcast friends and colleagues and about all things media!

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