Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm All Tweet'd out

So I am going to admit something here. I am feeling a little online/social media fatigue. Can you believe it?

I have been feeling like it is all just a little much. Staying on top of Facebook friends updates and birthdays, checking Twitter mentions, updating my Linkedin profile, updating my blog, checking email, responding to email.... it can all be so overwhelming sometimes. So I was glad to read a recent piece on 
AMotherWorld  talking about the very thing I have been feeling lately.

The article reminded me that it is also important to pay attention to all the things in real life... all those real life friends and family. And of course Me. I have been forgetting about me.  I need to do things for myself ...things that make me happy in my every day life. It is all about perspective... getting some and putting things into perspective.

How do you balance your online and offline worlds? Do you every get tired of living life online? How do you unplug?

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