Sunday, October 16, 2011

Waitress vs bad tipper

This story has made the rounds on tradition and social media.. the waitress who posted the receipt of the bad, and might I say, rude tipper on her Facebook status. He left the bill, without a tip, and then said that she could afford to lose a few pounds. There has been lots of debate swirling about this topic, here is just one of the stories responding/reacting to the initial story  Canadian Family

There is no doubt that social media has an immediate impact on peoples lives. Before social media like Facebook and Twitter this waitress would have told friends and family who would have retold the story like dozens of times. And while everyone would be shocked at the rudeness of this customer the story would slowly peter out BUT with social media this story has taken on a life of its own, become viral. Now instead of dozens of people hearing it potentially tens of thousands or even millions of people will read about this story or hear about it from their social media friends and networks. And is that fair? Sure the guy is a jerk but does he deserve to have a copy of his signature and his name spread all over the world for everyone to see and to judge him? Some would say yes that now in this day and age it is just something that we all have to live with, that all of our actions could potentially be put on display for the world to judge with the invention of social media. Some would say no that he has a right to a certain level of privacy, that he was in a private establishment and should expect that his credit card information and is name and signature would be handled in a private and professional manner. Which is right? Or is there a right and a wrong in this discussion?

What do you think?

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